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At NEU52 Business Consulting, we understand that the realm of business consulting encompasses a broad spectrum of disciplines. Our firm offers a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience, allowing us to provide bespoke solutions across a diverse range of industries. Whether you have a specific inquiry or need comprehensive advice, we are here to assess your needs and explore how we can facilitate your company's growth and efficiency.


Our Capabilities


Marketing innovations

We recently developed a new marketing strategy for an international company operating within the Netherlands, refreshing their approach to connect better with current and prospective customers.


Operational efficiency
For a company with locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, we revamped the procurement department, enhancing their purchasing processes and vendor relationships.


Digital engagement
Our team has analyzed and optimized social media campaigns for a German company, providing targeted improvement suggestions that significantly boosted their online interaction rates.


Website optimization
We conducted a comprehensive review of a multinational's website, examining content, user experience, functionality, and competitor comparisons. Our detailed improvements have markedly increased their web presence and user engagement.


Human resources solutions
NEU52 has resolved various staffing issues, providing strategies that enhance workforce capabilities and company culture.


Location scouting and establishment
For a prominent German firm, we managed the search and setup of a new location, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal site selection.


Customer service excellence
We have conducted undercover customer service evaluations, delivering critical analyses and recommendations that have transformed client interaction frameworks.


Organizational restructuring
Our consultants have scrutinized and aided in the restructuring of several business models for companies in the Netherlands and Germany, fostering more agile and effective operational frameworks.


Startup collaboration
As a sparring partner for numerous startups in Germany and the Netherlands, we provide young companies with the critical guidance necessary to navigate the complex market landscape successfully.


Veteran business consulting
We have also partnered with highly successful seasoned entrepreneurs in Germany, offering insights that leverage decades of industry experience.


At NEU52, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. Our vast range of completed projects is a testament to our versatility and effectiveness in addressing various business challenges. If you need help, contact us to find out how NEU52 Business Consulting can help you achieve your business goals with precision and innovative thinking: 

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