Anoki von Arx

Anoki von Arx, lyrical artist,

After an international dance career, she devoted herself to opera singing. A rare soprano sfogato, her voice covers the full range from high and dramatic soprano to mezzo.

For many years she has been using her fascinating stage presence for interdisciplinary productions that want to open the world of opera to a young audience.

Since 2010 she has combined opera singing with breakdance and hip hop, thereby placing her timeless art of singing in surprising contexts and creating productive contrasts.

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Today, May 7th 2024, we are thrilled to celebrate Mother's Day by releasing both the full English version and the full Italian version of 'Thank You Mama – Grazie Mamma', originally introduced last year by opera singer Anoki von Arx and jazz vocalist Happy Hendrix. This touching tribute to mothers everywhere first featured Anoki's Italian opera and Happy's English jazz. We invite you to discover these new versions today, and extend our gratitude to Debora di Giulio for her excellent translation from English to Italian.


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Oggi, 7 maggio 2024, siamo entusiasti di celebrare la Festa della Mamma pubblicando la versione completamente in inglese e quella completamente in italiano di 'Thank You Mama – Grazie Mamma', originariamente lanciata l'anno scorso dalla cantante lirica Anoki von Arx e dalla cantante jazz Happy Hendrix. Questo commovente tributo a tutte le madri del mondo iniziò con il canto operistico di Anoki in italiano e il jazz di Happy in inglese. Vi invitiamo a scoprire queste nuove versioni oggi stesso e ringraziamo calorosamente Debora di Giulio per l'eccellente traduzione del testo dall'inglese all'italiano.


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May 5, 2023

As Mother's Day approaches, we are excited to announce today, the release of a new song called "Thank you mama (Grazie Mamma)" by the collaboration of opera singer Anoki von Arx and jazz-pop singer Happy Hendrix. 

This beautiful tribute honors all mothers worldwide and expresses gratitude for their unwavering love and care. The heartfelt lyrics are sure to resonate with anyone who has a mother figure in their life.

Don't miss out on this special release!


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